Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Into the Wild

If I came running into your open arms, would it be all you dreamed of?

Would your long lived feeling of languish become a distant memory.

Retire into yourself happy with how you can be saved from your own plan.

My heart is here. And it is within myself I can be lost.

Truly know where to find the places I seek.

This my result. My own.

Did you mean for me to become a child of your own dreams?

A living picture with a hang tag for an identity.

But even in this solace, a cold film of truth is hidden.

And you hide it well.

Yet you look away, in a foolish attempt to live your life.

Always with a dark cloud of reality pushed to the brink of sight and thought.

My home, I no longer hold what you aspire.

I'm emancipated from the very thing you think is your saviour.

I seek to which you seek, although is two very different destinations.

It is only now, in this haltered moment I realise that I am the same as you.

In this knowledge I must go on.

Happiness is only ever truly alive when shared.


  1. Happiness is only ever truly alive when shared! - this sentence will become my favorite quote fro the moment. Very true!