Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok so I started writing this and was surprised at the level of feeling I had! But when someone pushes you, one must react!

If I was to walk away from you.

What would you do?

Because here I stand,

In front of you.

Saying to you that my heart hurts.

And it is in your hands.

My heart sinks, it can’t stay steady.

And its only in isolation that my mind can halt.

And put together the reasons as to why I hate you.

You know I can walk one step ahead.

But why is it I let your incapacitated power stop me?

You are not what you say your are and now I know.

You have a true face known to very few.

It’s an ugly face, and I intend to be rid of it.

A possession of fake authority you May have.

But it is stored in a Bank on zero collateral.

My ‘friend’ it is the end.

For a one sided game of two I can no longer exchange in.

Your past deeds will now be repaid and you know what they are.

A beautiful pain leads me to my task.

And at the end of it all, everyone lives all the happier.

You should be gone.

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